Grace Information Management Blog

As one of the leading scanning providers in Australia, Grace Information Management knows the importance of presenting customers with the best technology has to offer.

That’s why Grace has recently purchased additional Kodak i5600 scanners, taking the total number of these state-of-the art scanners to ten. These i5600 scanners have the ability to, not only load any mix of documents, but also neatly align the documents in the same order you placed them in.

As one of the fastest scanners on the market, the scanners can scan more than 170 pages per minute. Even when it needs to employ its special features of auto orientation, auto crop and skew detection, the scanner won’t miss a beat.

The automatic document feeder comes with four settings and is able to scan a full 750 sheet batch of paper at a speed of 170 pages per minute.

While it may seem like technical jargon, what this really means is that Grace customers can still enjoy the high-quality service and accurate scanning Grace is renowned for, but at a faster rate.

With the help of the new scanners, Grace Information Management can now scan paper as light as 25 g/m², including tissue paper and rice paper. Of course, the scanners also take regular paper and cardboard up to 200g/m².