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Placing items into storage can involve some heavy lifting and our first priority is your safety. To help you practice safe lifting, we’ve outlined nine top tips below. But remember, if you don’t want to do all the hard work you can book our Load4U service and the Grace Self Storage team will professionally load your storage unit for you.

Think logically about lifting

Before you lift an item, first check the weight to ensure you can manage it and then check your stance. Separate your feet hip width apart with one leg slightly forward to keep your balance. Bend at the knees and hips, rather than stooping your back, and carry the load at a comfortable arm’s level.

Clear your pathway

Consider and plan the route from where your item is to where you need it to be. Take the time to move any obstacles, such as other boxes, and avoid having to manoeuvre around them. Also think about whether you will need to open any doors or negotiate a set of stairs. Prepare yourself and your pathway in advance.

Unclutter your workspace

This also applies to the areas that you want to move your items from and to. Clear the space that you will require for packing as forcing yourself to assume an awkward posture, such as bending or twisting during the process can lead to injury.

Wrap breakables individually

Visit the Grace online shop to buy the necessary packaging materials to wrap breakable items individually. This cushioning will reduce the risk of breakage during handling and transit.

Use a trolley

Make life easier for yourself by renting one of our dollies or a trolleys when you need to carry larger and heavier pieces of furniture. You can also use them to carry stacked boxes and ensure nothing gets dropped and damaged.

Protect your furniture

Wrap larger items such as furniture in bubble wrap or blankets to avoid marking and damage (e.g. wrapping a refrigerator in a blanket to protect the surfaces during the move).

Place your goods together

When you load your mobile storage module keep all your items in one area to hold them in place.

Strap it up

Straps are a great tool to tie your items in the module and prevent shifting and toppling during transit.

Find a friend

Why lift alone when you can round up a helper? Ask a friend or family member to be available, or at least in the house, when you need to lift.