The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census showed that more than 30 per cent of Australians are renting. With competition so high, especially in the country’s capital cities, securing a rental property can be a difficult process.

When it comes to applying for a rental property, it’s important to stand out from the pack. Here are our best tips:

Have your documents ready

Get your paperwork in order before you start applying for rental properties. Preparation can be key in winning over the property. Streamline the process by having the appropriate documents filled out correctly. Tenors will appreciate fast tracking the application where they can. You’re likely to need photo ID and payslips proving your regular income. If possible, get your current or previous landlords to write you a reference and make sure your housemates are prepared as well.

Contact the agent

The best way to stay in the loop when it comes to rental properties is to speak to the real estate agent as soon as you see a property you’re interested in. Show the agent that you’re interested by asking important questions regarding the length of the lease and when the open home will be.

Make it personal

Consider writing a cover letter for the landlord to prove to them that you’re the best tenant for their house. Tell them a little about yourself and your situation and don’t forget to include your housemates if you’re moving in with them. You might also want to consider writing a pet resume for your furry friend if you’re bringing them along.

Offer your skills

If you’re a skilled carpenter or landscaper, offer your services to the landlord. They might appreciate the thought and look a little more closely at your application. Although it’s not guaranteed to win you the property, it’s just another way to make your application stand out.

Apply for the property

Apply for the property you want in the slow season to avoid the majority of the competition. You might have better luck applying for a beach pad in winter when most other renters are only focussing on the cold weather they’re experiencing now.

Follow up

Once you’ve applied, follow up with the real estate agent. Not only will you find out sooner what’s going on with the application, you’ll also remind the agent who you are and how much you are interested in this property.

Act fast

Many landlords will prefer someone who can move in as soon as possible. That means you may have to pay double rent for a week or two, depending on the contract with your existing landlord. If the only reason you’re paying double rent is because you simply can’t move out of your existing rental fast enough, trust Grace to move you. We’ll get you relocated and settled in to your new rental fast. For your free moving quote, click here.