Renovations are exciting. Getting your space organised before your reno will make the job easier, safer and much faster. Depending on how substantial your renovations are going to be, you may need to take advantage of a temporary storage solution. We’ve compiled a list of points to consider when deciding which items to store.


Have a look at the space you’re renovating and think about what’s in the way. Remember, you’re going to need access to the site as well as making sure the site itself is free of clutter. If spatial awareness isn’t one of your strengths, physically moving through the space can help you imagine you’re carrying heavy materials and tools. Be ruthless with your decision.


Better to be safe than sorry. Keeping your items protected can be a big problem during renovations with parts of your home open to the outside world for lengthy periods of time. To counteract this, consider storing all items of value and sentiment, regardless of where they are in your home, in specialised storage facilities.


When it comes to power tools and heavy objects, make sure your space is as safe as possible. This ties in with the idea of decluttering your room. Rugs and chairs can be potential trip hazards, while some items of furniture could potentially allow children access to areas that are unsafe, such as live wires above a table. You can never be over-cautious when it comes to safety first.

Review your weekly routines. There might be important documents you need to access that are located in particular items of furniture or perhaps there’s a desk that you use to work from home sometimes.

Think about what you need in order to function, pay your bills, get the kids to soccer or to make it to the bus without getting rained on. Whatever these items are, you’ll still need to access them during your reno, so make sure you don’t store them with longer term storage items. Find a safe place to keep your go-to things until everything is back to normal.