Moving to Adelaide

Grace is more than just your average removalist in Adelaide; we are a one-stop shop that can manage any move regardless of the size or destination. We understand that moving is a stressful time and therefore offer a range of services and solutions that take the pressure out of moving. From a pre-move checklist and packing to storage and delivery, our Grace Moving Consultants are dedicated to providing a moving solution catering to your needs.

Adelaide city

Adelaide cityAdelaide is famous for being the ’20 minute city’, with room to breathe, easy access to amenities and the airport only 7km away from the CBD. Adelaide regularly achieves an excellent ranking as one of the most affordable cities in Australia and is on average 19% cheaper to live in compared to Melbourne and Sydney. The cheaper living expenses are married with Adelaide’s year-round big blue skies and temperatures averaging 16 °C in winter and 28°C in summer. These beautiful days make a perfect platform for Adelaide’s year-round events, from sporting matches and music festivals to pop-up parties, there is always something happening.

Educational institution

Adelaide SchoolsAdelaide offers Government and private schooling options, with most providing discounts when enrolling more than one child. With a mixture of girls’, boys’, co-educational, religious and non-denominate schools, there is no shortage in educational institutions to meet the needs of each child. Adelaide also is known to be a tertiary educational hub with both long-established universities and the arrival of an additional two international universities in recent years.

Getting around

Adelaide tramOperated by Adelaide Metro, the metropolitan area of Adelaide is served by a wide variety of public transport including buses, trains and trams. Adelaide’s distinct grid layout and generous multiple-lane roads make peak hour a breeze and the envy of other Australian cities.


Adelaide HospitalsAdelaide has eight hospitals and numerous medical centres serving the metropolitan area, all providing world-class care. Three of the major public hospitals are Royal Adelaide Hospital, Kapunda Hospital and Modbury Hospital. A full list of Adelaide’s hospitals can be found below: