Your real estate footprint refers to the amount of real estate space your company takes up. Keeping this footprint as small as possible can help bring your costs down as well as increase business efficiencies. Here are a few easy ways you can help to reduce your company’s real estate footprint.


Retention laws govern what companies can (and should) keep on record and for how long. If you’re holding on to information your company no longer needs, it’s time to declutter and securely destroy it. Failure to dispose of your documents in an appropriate manner can expose your company to costly privacy and security breaches. Grace Information Management offer the secure and discreet destruction of documents and other sensitive materials to help protect your business.

Outsource archiving

Stop using your own floor space and spare rooms to store your files. Grace Information Management provides secure and reliable archive services. We conduct an initial consultation covering your specific requirements and customise a solution to meet your company’s unique needs. Your archives will be stored in our secure storage facility which are protected by state-of-the-art security including extensive fire protection systems, 24-hou surveillance monitoring and back-to-base alarms.

Digitise your information

Save valuable space in your office and cut down on the costs of archiving records by digitising them. Digitising your records not only frees up your valuable physical office space, it also helps to secure your records. Going paperless is also a great way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. At Grace, we digitise your documents on demand with the latest technology and the highest level of security.

Improve your office layout

Sometimes, all it takes to reduce the amount of space you use is to improve the layout of your office. Doing this may also help you cut back on space and save money, making a smaller space more efficient. Extend the shelving upwards so you make the most of the height you have, increasing your office’s storage capacity and helping to reduce your real estate footprint.

Grace Information Management

Need help reducing your real estate footprint? Grace Information Management can help you better manage and organise your information and records. Our professional consultants understand how important the management and security of your information is. As a quality endorsed organisation, we maintain integrity in everything we do. Speak to us today about a tailored information management solution for your company.