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Is your business at risk of an embarrassing and costly privacy or security breach due to poor record destruction processes?

Having a secure chain of custody for your records, from creation to destruction, is an important aspect of records management, yet often gets left out of the equation. Treating the disposal of records and other sensitive material in the same way as ordinary waste can be costly to your business and does not guarantee the information will remaining private. Plus this irresponsible disposal method can also see your business inadvertently being in breach of privacy laws.

The solution

The use of on-site serviced Secure Destruction Bins. These are a hassle free and cost effective way of ensuring information disposal is done in a reliable and verifiable way. Confidential Destruction Solutions (CDS), a 100% wholly owned division of Grace Information & Records Management, offers a comprehensive range of secure and compliant document and media destruction solutions. Servicing the East Coast of Australia since 1998, it has recently expanded into Adelaide.

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