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When it comes to your document storage, there are a number of reasons to choose a professional information and records management company instead of using self-storage facilities.

Although it may seem cost effective and easier at times, there are many pitfalls when self-storage proves not to be the best option.

Using a self-storage facility usually proves to be more costly than it seems at first, as your business is bound to a storage units’ set size, which in most cases is either too big and you are wasting valuable space or can easily become too small and you then require a second unit.

With Grace Information & Records Management, you pay for the space you need and no more. You also save on your travelling costs (petrol) for accessing your information, especially when it comes to digital and scanned documents.

As for security, there are no regulations or safety nets when it comes to who can store what in the storage unit next to yours in a self-storage facility. This means the unit next door can potentially contain flammable or explosive items. Many self-storage facilities are also accessed by potentially hundreds of individuals that use the facility with a minimum of security features.

Grace Information & Records Management sites, are fitted with state-of-the-art security features including sophisticated security cameras, limited access password protected doors, and back to base alarm systems to name a few.

With relation to fire safety, all our sites are purpose built to house records and digital information, and are located away from known hazards. All locations also incorporate extensive fire protection systems including dry-pipe sprinkle systems and sophisticated fire alarms linked to local Fire Brigades. The majority of our national sites are also fitted with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) that constantly take samples of the air to check for smoke content.

When it comes to the convenience and speed of access to your documents, self-storage facilities prove to be extremely challenging with many having limited opening hours, not to mention the time that is wasted by staff members driving back and forth to the facilities. Additionally in order to find one piece of paper, your staff will need to sort through many heavy boxes, folders and stacks of paper and could potentially misplace or damage documents.

Using the latest barcode and tracking technologies, Grace Information & Records Management always knows where your documents are stored and through our tested processes, systems and well trained professional staff we can have your required file/s on your desk quickly and efficiently.

To find out how Grace Information & Records Management can help streamline and protect your businesses’ document storage and access requirements, give our professional staff a call on 1300 725 991.