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Gone are the days when ‘managing records’ meant simply keeping track of office documents and hardcopy photographs.

Nowadays, the term ‘records’ encompasses an ever-increasing array of electronically-created, stored and shared information, including video, social media, instant messaging, and more.

According to a report published on, the field of ‘records management’ is undergoing a facelift, as it changes and adapts to today’s new breed of records.

“Technology has evolved since the first wave of records management tools entered the market more than 20 years ago,” said the article’s author, Cheryl McKinnon – a principal analyst at Forrester Research.

“Information governance is emerging as a term that better describes and supports a holistic, life cycle view of the creation, use and protection of digital information.

“Enterprise architecture and records management professionals must be open to collaboration, working cross-functionally with business users and jointly developing their technical roadmap for the identification and exploration of new sources of corporate records.”

But where does this leave hardcopy records? With more and more business-critical information kept digitally, hardcopy records are often forgotten, left gathering dust in the basement. This is not only a storage nightmare, but can lead to serious privacy issues as well.

If your business is like the many organisations helped every day by the team at Grace Records Management, then it may be time to outsource your records management.

At Grace Records Management, we ensure your records are afforded the secure and confidential treatment they require. We provide a specialised service combining collection, transport, safe storage, retrieval and destruction of your records.

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