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Managing your company’s records and information has never been more involved. With the rise of electronic media such as video, instant messaging and social platforms, the types of information a company must manage are growing every day.

According to an article posted on, this throng of electronically-created, stored and shared information is leading records management experts to rethink traditional information management techniques.

Professionals in this area must work cross-functionally with business-users to jointly-develop ways to identify and manage new sources of corporate records, said the article’s author, Forrester Research principal analyst, Cheryl McKinnon.

“Regulations now cover the broader spectrum of electronically stored information, e.g., video, social media or instant messaging, not just the images or office documents that have traditionally been called ‘records’,” said McKinnon.

“Information governance is emerging as a term that better describes and supports a holistic, life cycle view of the creation, use and protection of digital information.”

Unfortunately for most businesses, in-house information management remains difficult, time-consuming and costly. However, failing to manage your company’s records and information can lead to loss of income and even legal ramifications.

Many smart organisations are now outsourcing their information management, affording them more time to focus on their core business, and helping them mitigate risk by taking advantage of specialist expertise.

At Grace Information Management (GIM), we provide secure and confidential storage of critical business information – taken from any medium – as an integrated digital solution. Our world class Grace Data Centre can store all electronic documents including scanned images and emails, while our specialised warehousing facilities provide optimum conditions for your hard copy documents.

By outsourcing to GIM, your information is digitised, securely stored and retrievable at your convenience, at your desk, on demand.