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Grace are the only Australian member of International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transport (ICEFAT), but what does that mean for you?

ICEFAT are a global organisation representing 71 of the finest independent art transportation firms from 33 different countries. Each member of ICEFAT specialises in handling and shipping works of art, artefacts and antiques for museums, galleries and dealers, corporate and private collectors and auction houses.

What they do

ICEFAT are dedicated to promoting the highest standard of professionalism in museum and gallery shipping by ensuring their members perform fine art transportation to the highest standards.

How members are chosen

You can’t become a member of ICEFAT overnight! Members are only selected if they adhere to a strict set of guidelines and rules. A member of ICEFAT needs to have a minimum of five years’ experience in the field, must have performed and worked with several members who can support the application and have demonstrated responsibility in financial matters.

What does it mean for you?

You can rest assured that Grace, as a member of ICEFAT, is able to provide the highest quality service on an international scale. We guarantee safe and secure transport of your fine art pieces and utilise our international network services, knowing that we adhere to the professional standards set before us by ICEFAT and our own quality programs.

With Grace Fine Art, your valuables are in safe hands.