Grace Information Management Blog

When asked why they chose Grace Information & Records Management (GIRM) as their provider, customers have said “the end-to-end service” possible with GIRM, was a significant factor.

If an organisation wants their records securely stored offsite and select GIRM for that reason, they can also consider several other services.


Many stable, lasting business relationships begin with a provider taking the time to listen to the client. This helps to define what they really want and what they need. GIRM projects kick-off with this analysis in order to tailor a solution to meet the wants and needs of the client.


There is no need to engage a courier or other transport company, as GIRM has the option of a range of vehicles to do the job. From vans and small trucks to large trucks with tail-lifts for those very heavy removal jobs. This is possible because of the fleet which is used in Grace. One Sydney client had extremely heavy cabinets which had to go into storage and the tail-lifts were critical in having them safely transported. Grace have the right vehicles and crews for the job.


There are storage facilities all around Australia in both urban and regional areas. They are all highly secure facilities with reasonable access to the CBD and surrounding suburbs. All sites are protected by electronic intruder detection systems with back-to-base alarms under 24-hour surveillance monitoring, well ventilated, regularly inspected for pests, vacuumed constantly and operate in accordance with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA).


All material is identified either at the carton or file level, depending on the client’s requirements. The cataloguing is all stored electronically by GIRM and provided to the client for inclusion in their own document management system. The cataloguing is only done after consultation with the client and is done by qualified staff.


An essential service to ensure compliance with legislation. Sentencing is done to comply with published retention schedules for various jurisdictions and industries. It is all done by trained professionals. An onerous task you don’t have to worry about.


Scan on demand or a complete one-off project, or start with a project followed by regular collection and scanning of material. Large formats, OCR and redaction are available as part of the process. A variety of digital formats can be provided for the scanned material and supplied by various means depending on the security and accessibility needed.


Based on the cataloguing and retention dates, reporting identifies those documents and/or cartons stored with GIRM which are nearing the end of their life cycle. The client is informed and if they agree it is time for destruction, it will be done, securely.

For an organisation with many locations and a range of requirements, GIRM can deliver. One provider, one invoice, one point of reference and a single-minded approach to best practice.