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It’s easy to get carried away when you’re moving, or sorting and storing items for a renovation. Excitement, anxiety and exhaustion can lead to cutting corners with the aim of trying to get everything done quickly. After all, you’d rather be sunk into your sofa, sipping on a cocktail and warming your new abode while you wave goodbye to the removalists. Before you rush to finish the job, take a moment to protect your belongings and avoid incidents that’ll send you back to the store, draining your bank balance.

Electrical Essentials

When moving your electrical devices and appliances, there are a few simple principles that’ll help get everything safely from A to B. Make it your priority to use thick or double-layer boxes to stop heavy items from falling out of flimsy cardboard. Cushion like crazy to create protective padding. Remove cables and cords and wrap them individually, keeping them in an allocated and labelled cord box. When it comes to shifting the TV, your best bet is to use the original packaging, if you still have it. If not, you can purchase purposefully made TV boxes for moving your big screen.  

Take Kitchen Caution

Make the most of double-layered boxes when moving crockery and other heavy kitchen items. Make sure you pack the heavy items at the bottom of your boxes, filling out the rest with lighter culinary pieces. One thing people often forget is to keep non-breakables separate from your fragile pieces. In other words – avoid packing your stainless steel utensils with your favourite porcelain plates.  

Illuminating Advice

Lamps are delicate things to move so don’t take shortcuts. Remove the shades then pack and transport them separately. Don’t squeeze your stuff into a box that it doesn’t fit in; instead, use your packing intuition and pack lamp shades in matching-sized boxes. The same goes for your lamp base – take the time to protect with butcher’s paper or bubble wrap.  

Picture Perfect

Photos are irreplaceable. If you don’t have a digital copy, take them out of their frames for the move. Frames can be replaced, memories can’t. Store your photos flat in their own box with tissue paper separating them to avoid scratches or sticking.  

Antiques and Collectables

Antiques are fragile, precious, irreplaceable and often have incredible stories behind them. To protect their charm when you move, make sure you give them the special care they deserve. Use cushions, packing paper, bubble wrap and specialty boxes to make sure they make the journey to your new home, safe and sound. Avoid rushing into your move. Plan out ways to protect your precious property and you won’t end up unpacking a pile of damaged goods.