hanging fine art

Protecting your valuable fine art doesn’t stop with the materials you use for packing. There are risk factors to consider at every stage of a transportation and relocation process including storage and delivery. Whether you’re relocating an oil painting or storing a box of wine, there are a number of measures you can take to prevent your valuable possessions from being damaged or harmed during transit.

Packing materials

There are a number of packing materials suited to particular pieces of work. Tyvek paper should be used to prevent materials like bubble wrap sticking to paintings. Using bubble wrap and foam is a great way to prevent damage of other pieces during the relocation process. Another factor to consider while packing is the Australian sun which can be harsh and harmful to works of art. It might be worthwhile investing in UV projected glass or Perspex to further protect your art from sun damage.

Climate controlled storage

When it comes time to store pieces of art, it’s important to consider whether they need extra care. Some pieces may require temperature controlled rooms, these can include wine, pianos, clothing and paintings. Temperature controlled and humidified storage is a great way to protect valuables that may be effected by fluctuations in air temperature, light and other variables that cannot otherwise be controlled.

Careful transportation

Although boxes and crates are used to transport goods in a safe and secure way, not every crate is built with a specific fine art piece in mind. Custom made crates may be required to protect goods on the road depending on their shape, what they’re made of and how fragile they are. Padding and the way goods are packed and transported also come into play. It’s important to consider whether a standard box and crate is going to be enough to ensure your works of art aren’t damaged along the way.

Hire the professionals

It’s not enough to hire a removal company to get the job done. Professional fine art movers are recognised for their great service by the International Convention of Exhibitions and Fine Art Transporters (ICEFAT). ICEFAT is an official, worldwide democratic organization and each member specializes in handling and shipping works of art, artefacts and antiquities for museums, galleries and dealers and corporate and private collectors. The only Australian company who is a credited member of ICEFAT is Grace. Grace provide a white glove service you can trust to meet the international standards of ICEFAT.

Need the services of a fine art expert? Grace can safely pack and wrap, store and deliver your fine art pieces anywhere in Australia as well as internationally. As the only Australian member of ICEFAT, the service is guaranteed to be high in quality. For more information on how Grace can help you transport your fine art, click here.