Storage Bag Pack of 3

Storage Bag – 3 Pack


This 99 litre bag provides an economical way to Bundle up a variety of household goods, making them easier to handle and manage during a move or storage. Dimensions: 600mm x 550mm x 300mm

Security Padlock

Security Padlock


With an Australian Standard 5 Rating, this Solid Brass Security Padlock is ideal for making sure that no one else but you can access your belongings.

Packing tape pack of 2

Packing Tape – 2 Pack


This super durable packing tape is ideal for securing boxes during a move or for long term storage. Dimensions: 48mm Wide x 75m Length

Packing Paper- 15kgs

Packing Paper – 15kgs


Using specialised packing paper is idea for protecting fragile items such as glassware and dinner service items. The paper is also well suited for filling voids in boxes to prevent movement and keeping items in place securely. 15kgs is equal to approx. 750 sheets.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap – 5m


This heavy duty bubble wrap is ideal for secure packing of furniture, home electrical equipment and picture frames. Dimensions: 1.5m hight x 5m length

Furniture Protection Blanket

Protection Blanket


The Furniture Protection Blanket is ideal for wrapping around large furniture pieces and antique furniture that require additional padding.

King size bed mattress cover

King Mattress Cover


Queen Bed Mattress Cover

Queen Mattress Cover


Single Bed Mattress Cover

Single Mattress Cover


3 Seat Lounge Protection Cover

3 Seater Lounge Cover


Single Lounge Protection Cover

Single Lounge Cover


Dining Chair Protection Cover

Dining Chair Cover


25 Meter straps

25 Meter Straps


2.5 meter straps

2.5 Meter Straps