self storage

When storing household goods, business assets or anything else in storage, it can be easy to think all you have to do is throw it in and forget about it. But there are some factors which need to be taken into consideration when storing any goods. From furniture to electronics, keeping items in storage can still expose them to risk factors.

  1. Prevent movement

    Prevent damage to your goods caused by the pick up or delivery of your storage module by securing items within the storage module itself. Once you’ve packed your storage module, it will need to be picked up, driven to the warehouse and placed into storage. These movements may cause objects to move or fall if they are not secured properly.

  2. Pack properly

    While you might pack your module with space in mind, it’s also important to pack with weight in mind. Don’t pack heavy items on top of weak items that may give way and crush overtime.

  3. Protect against moisture

    Although storage modules are enclosed and secured, moisture may still affect furniture items if they’re not cleaned properly beforehand. Be sure to clean fabric furniture before storing it in a module to prevent the growth of mould while in storage. To protect the finish of your furniture, apply wax to wooden materials, polish metallic items to prevent oxidation and use lacquer on bronze or copper.

  4. Consider using airtight containers

    Store any documents, files and paperwork in an airtight container. This will prevent the growth of mildew. Don’t forget to properly label your archive boxes to avoid mixing them up when you next go through them.

  5. Use original boxes

    When it comes to protecting your electricals while they’re in storage, it’s always best to store them in their original boxes. The original boxes will hold your electricals in place and won’t let them slip and slide around, protecting them from damage caused by movement or being stored incorrectly.

Now that you know how to store your items, it’s time to organise your convenient and reliable self storage solution.