Grace Information Management Blog

Grace Information & Records Management are dedicated to putting the power of efficient records management into the hands of our clients; providing simple, seamless and secure access to business information on demand.

We work closely with our software service providers, O’Neil Software, to provide Australia’s most technologically sophisticated records management system. O’Neil Software have worked hard to harness the power of the internet and Microsoft to develop workable technology solutions, which Grace is proud to pass onto our clients.

Grace Information & Records Management is committed to working with our clients to implement the industries best practice and cutting-edge technology, such as O’Neil’s RS Web, to deliver a better end-user experience for you. Our RS-Web system cuts out unnecessary emails, faxes and telephone calls, providing you with direct access to your records and freeing your time up to spend on better things, like running your business.

So speak to one of our Grace Consultants today about how they can put the technological power of managing your information back into your hands.