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Thinking of relocating interstate for a quieter life? You may want to look at the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) before determining your destination.

Recently released figures show the population of Perth will overtake Brisbane in 2028, with three million people, and then ten years later, the Australian Capital Territory will overtake Tasmania.

Melbourne and Sydney populations should even by 2053, with 7.9 million people each.

The ABS figures show that in the period from 2012 to 2040:

  • Western Australia’s population will almost double from 2.4 million people to 4.7 million
  • Queensland will go from 4.6 million people to 7.3 million
  • The Australian Capital Territory will grow from 375,000 people to 586,000.
  • The Northern Territory will experience a 51 per cent increase from 240,000 to 360,000
  • Victoria will rise by 50 percent from 5.6 million people to 8.4 million
  • New South Wales will go from 7.3 million people to 9.9 million
  • South Australia’s population will hit 2.1 million, a 26 per cent increase
  • Tasmania will see an 11 per cent increase from 510,000 people to 570,000.

Overall, Australia’s population is projected to double to 46 million by 2075.

“Based on our projections, with medium growth, Australia will double its population by the year 2075,” said Bjorn Jarvis, Director of Demography at the ABS, “but under our high and low scenarios it could be as early as 2058, or after 2101.”

The latest figures also showed the number of people 65 and over is projected to double and the number of people aged 85 years and over is projected to almost triple by 2040.

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