Planning your latest home reno’? Renovating your home can have a positive effect on the returns you gain from selling your property. But not all renovations will return a profit. Some projects may cost more to complete than buyers are willing to pay.

The two most popular renovations occur in the kitchen and bathroom as these are two of the most prominent rooms in a house. They’re also quite costly to renovate and potential buyers will appreciate that you went to the extra effort to do it for them.

However, a renovation can be as simple as a paint job to spruce up the house before it hits the market.

Repainting the house for sale

Over time house paint weathers. This can happen both inside and outside the property. Freshening up the house with a new and clean coat of paint can do the trick. But colours have such different effects on buyers, so which palette is the best to stick to?

Interior designer Shaynna Blaze recommends letting the house environment, style and natural light dictate the colour palette you use.

According to paint brand Taubmans, the most popular paint colours used across Australia stick to a neutral palette.

  • Greys, whites and off-whites are the most popular colours used in New South Wales. These colours reflect the coastal environment of the state.
  • Blacks and whites are most commonly used in Victoria. The colours contrast one another, much like the architecture throughout the state, mixing modern with traditional.
  • In Queensland, the most popular colour is white as the weather is warmer and it helps to reflect the glare of the sun.