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Your beloved canine comrade is super-excited about the prospect of the new parks, new smells and new open spaces to explore in your new country. The realities of moving overseas with pets, however, is fraught with red tape and logistical problems so it’s good to have some insider knowledge to see you through the process. Grace Removals offers a premium range of pet transport services to help keep your furry friend safe and happy during your journey. Our services include dedicated pet travel consultants, approved travel crates, finding the most direct-route flight, pre-travel veterinarian health check and expert advice on possible vaccination requirements. One thing’s for sure, our consultants certainly know their fur from feathers. Here are 3 top tips they’ve put together to help you prepare Pooch for your passage.


Accurate Info

Before your relocation, it’s essential to gather all the correct information from your new country regarding vaccinations, quarantine and the timeframes for all of these logistical processes. Take the time to organise and sort the relevant information with the ultimate goal of creating a thorough plan for Pooch to make their transition as smooth as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is dealing with unexpected issues with the immigration or customs department of your new country.


Pet Plan

As a part of our transporting pets services, Grace will assist you in creating an inclusive itinerary for your pet’s journey. We’re dedicated to providing you with a stress-free service by working with Jetpets, our comprehensive pet transportation partner. Your itinerary will help put your mind at ease, clear up any unknown aspects of pet travel and provide you with solid dates to work around.


Transport Options

With a number of options available for safely shifting pets overseas, we’ll present you with the best plan. Grace can provide you with an airline approved pet travel crate so that you can kick back, knowing Pooch is comfy and secure. We can also offer you a collection and delivery service in an animal transport vehicle so your furry farewell and reunion is taken care of.


By working with our pet travel partner, Grace makes the most of local knowledge and pet-friendly service to ensure your pets arrive at their new home safe, sound and within the quickest timeframe possible.