As part of our ongoing commitment to setting the highest standards of care for travelling pets, Jetpets has updated our Hot Weather and Brachycephalic policies to ensure pet’s safety, comfort and welfare.

When quoting for this summer season we will try to ensure pets are not flying in the hottest part of the day. Putting animal welfare first we will:-

  • Send pets on early flights
  • Send pets on evening flights
  • Recommend overnight boarding so we can utilise earlier than normal flight options

For brachycephalic breeds we have put extra precautions in place.  Our consultants will communicate this with the client directly during a comfort call.

We have introduced a 2-stage process:-

  • Clients pet will require its own vet assessment
  • We will review flight timings, routing, length of flight(s) and any required connections

Once both stages have been completed, we will arrange transportation for either Air or Road depending on the assessment findings.

Note:- This does not apply to any Snub Nosed cross breeds

If client’s pets are not able to travel due to high temperatures, we will rebook them on the next available flight.  Any extra cost for boarding or flights will be at the owners’ expense.

In implementing the above processes, we are only acting to ensure the safety, comfort and welfare of your clients pet(s) as our number one priority.

For further clarification or information please do not hesitate to contact the Grace Mobility Team

Content courtsey: Jetpets