Paper based workflows

Finding an Information Management Solution That Supports Paper-Based Workflows

Even in our era of always-on connectivity and versatile electronic devices, paper still plays an important role in many industry sectors. Lawyers, for example, still require wet signatures on contracts, while in construction paper remains the most efficient way to visualise and collaborate on project designs.

For paper-based businesses, many information management providers can place a lot of emphasis on digitisation and electronic information retrieval, but do not provide sufficient support for paper workflows. The biggest issues that paper-based businesses deal with are the challenges of organising hard copies efficiently, sharing information quickly, and ensuring documents are archived appropriately for compliance purposes.

The best-equipped information management providers support a complete range of hard copy indexing, storage and retrieval needs. They can provide fast, secure transport and archiving solutions for paper documents that span the entire nation, with client-anonymous indexing solutions that make retrieval quick and easy through intuitive ICT systems.

They also use an unbroken chain of custody to transfer documents twice daily as standard, and even faster through scan-on-demand technology that can electronically deliver images of paper archives anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Top-quality information management providers also handle secure destruction of paper documents, both according to pre-arranged schedules and on demand.

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