Top Tips to Keep Your Treasured Heirlooms and Collectables Safe     

Whether you’re moving from house to house or preparing for storage, packing your valuable, collectable items takes a bit more consideration than packing up the rest of your household. Because they’re irreplaceable you’ll need to take extra care when packing, transporting and storing heirlooms or collectables. Here are our top tips for keeping your treasured items safe.  

Before you Start

Before you even begin packing, get your heirloom or antique appraised. Once you know exactly what its worth, arrange any necessary insurances for transport or storage, and look at quotes from specialist moving companies. Take photos of your items and make notes about their condition. When possible, plan ahead to make sure you’re not moving your irreplaceable items during a storm or heavy winds.

Pack with Care

Take a good look at your item before you start packing it. Are there any particularly fragile spots like a thin handle or a moveable part? You’ll want to pay extra attention to these areas. If there’s a weak spot in your item, either get it fixed before the move or let you removalist know so they can handle your heirloom appropriately. If you’re uncertain about how best to pack an expensive, delicate or large antique item it’s best to call in an expert. At Grace our experienced packers know the best ways to keep your item safe and minimise potential damage during transport. Not only do we have all the right equipment, from bubble wrap to sturdy boxes, we know the best techniques to secure your irreplaceable items. Once your items are ready for transport, clearly label them ‘fragile’ and mark which way up the box needs to be. You can also indicate that nothing is to be placed on top of the box if it’s particularly fragile.  

Safe Travels

Transport is the trickiest part of keeping your irreplaceable items safe, but as you long as you pack and secure them properly you shouldn’t have any problems. Position your item so that it doesn’t move around during transit, and strap or tie it down if needed. Ensure that the item is well padded during the move with blankets or towels. Again, it’s best to look to the experts for this, especially if your heirlooms are being packed in together with the rest of your household goods.

Safe in Storage

If your prized items are being moved into storage, make sure you choose a professional self storage unit that is designed to keep out dust and damp. Correct packing will go a long way to protecting your item, but even the best packing won’t make up for a damp, mouldy or rodent-infested environment. Our state-of-the-art self storage facilities are alarmed and covered by CCTV and access control systems which means that your valuables are always safe. And we don’t just mean safe because of padlocks and high fences, we also protect your items from water damage and keep curious creatures away. We can also arrange storage insurance for extra peace of mind. At Grace we’ve been moving and storing antiques, collectables and heirlooms for more than 100 years. With a little bit of extra care and our expert advice, you can rest assured that your irreplaceable items are in safe hands.