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There are tangible benefits to be gained from outsourcing.  What’s more, they can be justified and result in a positive return on investment.

Most businesses do not think twice about outsourcing accounting, legal and human resource functions.  How many businesses do not have an accountant or a lawyer or an HR professional in-house, instead preferring to engage an external resource to perform necessary tasks when required?  Mainly it is due to these functions not be core to the business.

Engaging external assistance can apply to a variety of tasks including records management, records storage and retrieval and digitisation.

Floor Space

Outsourcing your records storage reduces the amount of floor space required for storage, maybe even gets rid of those bulky, heavy compactus units and even gets rid of the dust which accumulates in seldom used areas.


If sentencing hasn’t been part of your regular records management routine, it would be an onerous task to implement it, if it involves any substantial volume of records.  Having expert assistance to do this task and then manage the review and destruction from then on, relieves the business from having to keep everything up to date.  Reports can be generated and sent to the client to advise them of documents and/or files requiring destruction.  Keeping up to date with retention and destruction means compliance with your legal responsibilities.



A provider who has the expertise, processes and systems in place will ensure a consistent, reliable and ongoing service.  A service which will not be impacted by your own staff taking annual leave or needing sick leave or leaving your employ.


Maybe it is only records prior to a certain date which you decide to have stored externally and managed offsite.  Records which are no longer used regularly but cannot be destroyed.  If any of these records are required, an efficient provider will have various options available, either scan on demand or delivery of the actual document.  This will also depend on the type of document but your provider should be able to accommodate a range of sizes and scanning options, from a simple image scan to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), from a standard A4 to large formats.

To determine whether outsourcing is best for your business you need to determine what is core to your business and whether you have the capability of skills in-house to achieve them.  You should then look at the areas not core to your business which are specialised, need specific knowledge and skills and which tasks are highly repetitive.  Any one of these or a combination of these factors is ripe for outsourcing.

Treat your provider as a member of your team with regular communication and trust them to efficiently perform the tasks assigned to them.  You can then focus on those activities which will grow and nurture your business and improve the bottom line.