When you launched your small business you may have wondered how you were ever going to fill your office space – but with business now booming that same space could be restricting your growth. If your office is so cramped you can hear your colleagues breathing, it might be time to upgrade to more spacious digs. Here are five tell-tale signs that you need to look for a larger space.

Stuck For Storage

If opening your stationery cupboard has become hazardous and your hallways are lined with reams of paper and the remnants of a wayward water cooler, it’s likely that you’re in need of some storage. Storage is a smart way to free up your office space and buy you time while you make a Plan B.  

Standing Room Only

While standing desks are currently all the rage, if you’re embracing a ‘standing room only’ policy because you’ve run out of space, it’s definitely time to think bigger. As a rule of thumb, the Building Code of Australia recommends a minimum of 10 square metres per person.  

Cramped Cupboards

If your desk drawers are serving double duty as both a pantry and filing cabinet it’s time to clamp down on the chaos. Not only is clutter distracting, it’s also unproductive, bad for morale and can give your clients a bad impression.    

Paperwork Mountains

Despite efforts to go paper-less, the law requires businesses to keep certain documents for at least seven years. Over time, this can get bulky, messy and disorganised – after all, there’s only so many boxes you can store in the unused office shower. Reclaim your space by boxing up your paperwork and keeping it in secure storage.

Stock Surplus

If you’ve got a growing stock-based business, it can be tricky to maintain an inventory and keep your office operating within the confines of a small space. If you find yourself with a stock surplus, consider self storage. It’s a fast, cost effective and safe way to increase your space without the overheads.