Grace Information Management Blog

Grace Records Management was recently recognised by O’Neil Software as the 2013 Asia Pacific Partner of the Year at their annual strategic partners conference held in Huntington Beach, California last month.

The conference is one of the largest of its kind with 150 records management professionals attending worldwide, including Grace’s own Sales Director, Derryk Guyer and South Australia Operations Manager, Stephen Marriott.

O’Neil’s RS-SQL system is the main operating system used by Grace Records Management to capture and track its more than 8 million barcoded items; in the warehouse, during transit, and upon delivery to the customer.

The end user interface of RS-SQL, RS-Web, is used by Grace customers to place and track orders, catalogue items and produce detailed reporting which allows them to manage their records from their own desk, even when the records are stored at the Grace site.

On announcing the award, David Holt, CEO of O’Neil Software said, “I am pleased that Grace Records Management has been recognised by way of this award as a highly regarded strategic partner of O’Neil Software since 1991.

“Grace has always been an innovator in using the software tools and technologies provided by O’Neil to enhance its clients’ records storage and records management experience.”

Mr Holt also added that Grace was one of the first records centres worldwide to take advantage of oneilBridge, a set of web services that allows third party records management systems to connect directly to Grace’s O’Neil system for searches, inventory maintenance, and service requests.

Grace has also been proactive in rolling out O’Neil’s RS-Mobile application which communicates with the O’Neil RS-SQL system using portable hardware and wireless communications, providing real time tracking and reporting to its customers.

Grace Records Management will continue to work with O’Neil to bring the best records management services to its clients.