Several years ago, Grace decided to undertake a corporate rebrand and to bring all our separate business divisions together and become a truly united service offering.

Many of you will have seen the changes to the logos, changes to the website but happening quietly amidst all of this was the change we were making with our dedicated employees. Helping provide avenues for them to understand our business holistically, and work as a truly integrated network of service offerings and become a single point of contact for all your corporate and commercial needs.

We called our employee network program One Grace, signifying our commitment to drawing on our internal resources to understand how our whole company can support your business. We created several teams within the company-wide program, each group featured one or two front-line employees from each business division and we then provided a senior management mentor to support and manage their team’s wellbeing.

Our teams were encouraged to take the time to meet and network each fortnight or month and to discuss how our holistic solutions across our divisions could assist clients and their businesses. By drawing on our One Grace network we were able to provide integrated solutions for record management to clients relocating their commercial premises, with assistance for any employee relocations as a result of the move. We found that some of our clients moving premises had need of specialist art handlers for public space works and our commercial team was able to draw on the expertise of our fine art division to ensure these moves were well planned and securely managed.

Through our One Grace program, we saw our employees meet one another across the business, share their knowledge and open their networks to provide a greater unified service that truly encompassed being part of One Grace.

To celebrate the culmination of our inaugural program, we were proud to award One Dream, One Team members with a travel gift voucher from our friends and partners at Flight Centre in recognition of their hard work.

With the programs success at bringing our employees together and strengthening their knowledge of our entire business solutions we look forward to a new year of increased service capabilities from our team on the font-line.

Here is a word from program leader and General Manager – National Sales for Information Management, Michael Dunstone.