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With electronic files now an everyday part of business; it makes sense for companies to digitise their archived records for easier access.

This task, known as back scanning, can be costly and labour intensive which is why many companies choose to outsource it.

While overseas scanning companies may initially appear cheaper, offshore labour can end up more trouble than it’s worth.

The benefits of using an Australian company, like Grace Information Management, include:

  • Peace of Mind – The privacy and confidentiality of both personal and business information is the biggest concern when using offshore scanning companies. Businesses sending personal information offshore must ensure they comply with all Australian privacy laws. While some companies may claim to abide by these laws, monitoring compliance is not so easy. By comparison, Australian companies are regularly monitored and face hefty fines should the fail to meet the nation’s stringent privacy laws.
  • Cost – Labour costs may be significantly less offshore but what about the costs of sending documents? Remember, you often get what you pay for.
  • Accuracy – The older the document, the more likely it is to contain handwritten information. Personal handwriting and/or deterioration of the document can often make them hard to decipher. In Australia, where English is the national language, those scanning your documents have a higher comprehension of English and therefore, a better chance of deciphering poor handwriting and understanding colloquialisms. Potential inconsistencies in the source documents can affect the legibility of the scanned image and negatively impact accuracy rates.
  • Guaranteed quality – Australian businesses are bound by stringent regulations. Grace Information Management is proud to be a Government-Endorsed Supplier and to be quality assured under AS/NZI ISO 9001:2000. The use of high-tech scanners ensures faster and more accurate scanning as well as special features such as auto orientation, auto crop and skew detection.
  • Communication – It is much easier to communicate a complex task without the absence of language or time zone considerations. The ability to speak to the person and relay the task directly is a major advantage of choosing an Australian company. Furthermore, companies, such as Grace Information Management, offer extensive consultation to determine your individual needs.
  • Investing in Australian jobs – using an Australian company for your back scanning increases local labour and skills as well as helps generate income to the Australian economy.

Before you consider sending your back scanning overseas, why not speak to Grace Information Management about what we can do for you.