Grace Information Management Blog

Grace Information Management has recently gained approval to more easily provide information and communication technology services to NSW Government agencies.

The NSW Department of Finance and Services launched the ICT Services Scheme on 1 March 2013 which enables a panel of pre-qualified service providers to assist NSW Government agencies and other authorised buyers in engaging expertise across a wide range of ICT Services.

Grace Information Management has been thoroughly evaluated, approved and accepted into both the Registered and Advanced Registered ICT Services Schemes. The Registered Supplier List has pre-approved Grace for low risk contracts valued up to $15,000; and the Advanced Registered Supplier List has Grace approved for high risk contracts or contracts valued over $150,000.

Acceptance into the Schemes means Grace is now able to apply for major NSW Government contracts in line with the Government’s Digital Transition policy, without the lengthy and costly tender process.

This includes offering a range of services for digitisation life-cycle capabilities such as:

  • design, development and implementation of digitisation activities
  • provision of services or devices (including printers, scanners and multi-function devices) for conversion from physical form
  • born digital capture
  • web and social media capture
  • descriptive meta-data creation
  • record creation and cataloguing
  • curatorial services
  • digital asset management
  • workflow design.

These services are for all supportable digital forms including, but not limited to, images, text and printed materials, newspapers, oral works, art works, museum collections, moving image and sound, broadcast media content, legacy digital forms, microform, objects and ephemera, web and social media.