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These days, the notion of an ‘empty nest’ is, well, not all that empty. With property prices reaching new heights, the family home is well and truly shifting. To Baby Boomers, an empty nest is fast becoming one of two scenarios: your kids have flown the nest but have left their things behind or, the nest is empty till the kids move back in while saving for their own nest. If you find yourself in either scenario, here are a few ways to put the empty back in your nest.

Grown But Not Flown

The average age of empty nesters is creeping up, with the children staying put in the family home till they’re 34. Statistics show that one in three millennials are still living at home which means baby boomers are quickly needing to adjust to the new reality and sacrifice the extra space they were expecting to have. With your kids now adults, making space to accommodate their lifestyles and possessions can be cumbersome, not to mention the fact that they’re all grown up and asking them to ‘clean their room’ no longer has the same effect.  

Dealing With The ‘Nest’  

If the family home is starting to look like a self-storage facility, you’re not alone. Nearly three out of four parents are left with their children’s possessions when they eventually do fly the coup. As parents, you want to be able to help your kids and support them as best you can, but there does come a point when you may want to start enjoying your own life. If your kids are in a transition phase and not settled into their own home, self storage might be your best bet in dealing with the ‘nest’. Aside from being fast, easy and affordable, it also gives you space to transition from having an adult-child relationship to having an adult-adult relationship.  

Load4U Advantage

If you’ve recently inherited a bedroom full of abandoned belongings, it’s time to take charge and reclaim your space. Taking charge is often easier said than done, because attached to that bedroom are a lifetime of memories. If you find yourself facing a tough decision, having a professional third party do the heavy lifting can definitely lighten the load, both physically and emotionally. Grace’s Load4U service can organise, pack, load and safely store your children’s belongings, giving you peace of mind that your memories are safe while giving you the freedom to enjoy your extra room.