Top tips for big business relocations

At best, relocating a large business can be a chore. At worst, it can be one of the most exhausting ordeals a company can face. If you’re not properly prepared, you can run into all sorts of problems – from furniture that doesn’t fit in the new premises to missing paperwork. However big your business, we’ve put together a few simple, stress-free steps to make moving manageable.

Plan, Plan, Plan

office-614213_1920The art of success lies in preparation. Plan not only for the day of your relocation but also for the periods before, during and after. Before the move you’ll need to think about sorting, packing and cleaning, and after you’ll need to ensure everyone is kept in the loop about your new location. Be sure to ask the right questions about your new office and any potential problems that could arise. Working through the nuts and bolts ahead of the move will save your company strife later on,  so everyone can enjoy an effortless transition to their new space.

Work Each Detail pencil-918449_1920

If you want to enjoy a simple, seamless relocation, pay attention to the details. Have each department do a thorough sort and clean out to ensure they’re only moving things that actually get used and remove any clutter to streamline the packing process. Create an inventory of everything that is to be moved, pack carefully and clearly label items belonging to different departments and employees. Try colour coding or allocating a number to each department and outlining where everyone will go on a map of the new office.

office-620817_1920Consider Communication

Communication among your staff is essential for smooth, stress-free sailing. As much as possible, keep your employees involved through every step of the process. Provide them with a clear and coherent outline of events, alert them to potential disruptions to activities and make sure each person knows what is expected from them before, during and after the move.



accountant-1238598_1920Set a Budget

Big businesses need to get serious about their moving budget. Without a set budget, things can quickly become costly. Get quotes for everything, and draw up a full budget for your relocation – consider the costs of packing materials, removalists, getting your IT systems set up and opening new utilities accounts. All reputable removalists will provide full cost estimates, free of charge, outlining various options tailored to suit your company.

Invest in Experts

The most important thing you can do to make moving seamless is hire an expert to guide you from start to finish. Grace Removals has a long history of serving the corporate arena. From concept to execution, we can walk you through each step of the move, getting you set up with a project manager, the right packing materials and trained removalists. Our documented record of success will not only put you at ease, it will ensure a smooth relocation so you can get back to business sooner.