Grace has been a household name for 106 years, but we’ve never been just another brand.

Grace has consistently strived to deliver value, to provide the highest quality service, and to never settle for second best. These are attributes that our customers expect from us — and that we demand of ourselves.

In order to continue to embody excellence, we’ve kept evolving. In the past, progress has happened in small steps. This time, however, we’ve taken a giant leap. You might have noticed our new logo and our revamped website. That’s just the beginning.

The most exciting part of our rebranding project is that we’ve now become a more united Grace. It took some effort, but we’ve finally combined the capabilities of all our divisions under one brand. That doesn’t just mean we’re more unified in purpose and direction, it means we’re now more able to put our customers first. By integrating all our business divisions, we can actively offer you more flexible, tailored solutions that draw on the full breadth of our expertise.

This change is embodied in our updated logo. It can take some getting used to, but we believe it communicates much greater passion and relevance, while its evocative red stays true to Grace as a treasured Australian icon. More than ever before, the Grace logo is now able to stand out as a beacon of excellence and quality, emphasised by the powerful brand pledge: “Always more.”

“Always more” captures the essence of Grace, from our humble beginnings to our expanding offering. It describes the richness of our history, the scope of our united businesses, the reach of our services, and the scale of our future-focused ambition. But most importantly, it describes an enduring service aspiration: to exceed customer expectations in every way, and to never stop striving to improve the Grace experience.


Along with our new look and feel, there have recently been a number of key changes in Grace management that has seen the appointment of new managers and creation of new roles in the removals side of the business.

General Manager – Operations – Nicki French

Nicki French has been appointed to the key role of General Manager – Operations. Nicki originally joined Grace heading up our international division.

General Manager – Corporate Services – Stephen Bonollo

A new role, General Manager – Corporate Services, has been created and Stephen Bonollo will fill this role, based in Melbourne. This role will have responsibility for our International and Mobility divisions.

General Manager – Commercial – Hamish Dahya

Hamish Dahya has accepted the role of General Manager – Commercial. Hamish will take up the new role from October and has responsibility for both our Business Services and FF&E divisions.

General Manager Removals – Northern – Scott Bartram

Scott Bartram has accepted the role of General Manager – Northern for the removals business. Scott has been with Grace for a number of years, most recently as Brisbane’s Branch Manager.