Congratulations! You’ve graduated university. Before you board a plane on a celebratory holiday or start your first full time job, it’s time to sort out your living arrangements. Do you move everything into your parent’s place until you sort something out? Or do you start renting your own apartment? Either way, you’ll no longer be able to live on campus.

Self storage for moving off campus

Now that you’ve finished your degree, you can no longer reside on campus. Just because you have to say goodbye to your living arrangements, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your belongings.

Looking for a new place to live is time consuming. Before you start giving away your things or putting them out for council pick up, organise convenient self storage. Not only will you have a secure place to keep your belongings, you’ll also give yourself the time you need to sort through everything you own.

Think about all of the furniture you accumulated over the course of your degree. You shouldn’t have to part ways with it because you don’t have the means to carry it around with you.

Storage for travelling

Don’t leave your belongings lying around unprotected while you’re away celebrating the momentous occasion. If Mum and Dad don’t have the space to store your belongings while you’re abroad, lock them up in secure storage.

Not only does this free up space at your parent’s place, it also helps to prevent theft and damage to your belongings.

Mobile self storage

Don’t rely on friends and family to help transport your belongings into storage. Instead, consider mobile self storage. Mobile self storage comes to you so you can conveniently pack your storage module as you see fit. Once you’ve locked everything into your module, the storage company will pick it up and store it in their secure facility.

No matter what your plans are following university, you can benefit from convenient self storage solutions. Grace self storage also offers a convenient packing and loading service so you don’t even have to worry about packing your belongings on your own.

Start storing and buy your packing boxes and packaging materials online. Get your free online self storage quote here.