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You’ve heard a lot of about self storage solutions, but how do you know if you actually need one? After all, you’ve been managing the clutter you live with for a while, right? But there might be times when you can manage the clutter no more. Here are just some of the times you might find self storage a worthwhile investment.

You’re planning a renovation

Did you know that building and construction work can expose your household items to damage? Not only are they at risk of being damaged by tools and building materials, they’re also likely to become dirty. Instead of trying to fit your household goods into the garage during the renovation, store them in a secure storage module until you’re ready to refurnish.

You’re selling the house

Decluttering the house is a great way to make your house appeal to more prospective buyers. Clutter never looks good and it can often make rooms look much smaller than they actually are. Load the clutter into a storage module and keep it securely stored away until your house is sold.

The kids are moving out

If your children are moving out temporarily to study abroad or live on campus at university, you might want to consider freeing up some space and storing their things in a secure storage module. The kids can have access to their things when they need them, and it frees up a spare room in the house. Now you can use that space for the home gym you’ve been planning since the kids were born.

You’re downsizing

Moving into a smaller property? You might find that you don’t want to get rid of everything you own, but there might not be enough space for everything at your new house. Until you’ve found the space to keep them, or you’ve managed to sort through, sell or throw them out, store your things in a convenient storage unit. Not only does this free up space at your new, smaller abode, it also gives you time to sort through everything so you don’t have to regret giving something away.

You’re moving overseas temporarily

If you’re relocating overseas for a temporary period and you don’t want to risk leaving certain things in your house, or if you’re renting out the property while you’re away, or selling it and planning on finding a new home when you return, you can put your things in secure storage until you need them again. Whether it’s six months or six years, storage modules exist for times like these.

You’re in limbo

Moving into a new house is exciting, but sometimes the timing can be a little off. You might have accepted a great offer on your existing property but don’t have the time to move into a new house before you need to vacate it. Put bulky furniture items and things you don’t need straight away in storage until you’ve found your new home.

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