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Preparing for a move to a new area can be a challenge, especially when you’ve got a family to think about. Whether your child is crawling, covered in breakfast or a talking toddler dressed as a dinosaur, settling into a new neighbourhood with your kids is bound to raise some questions. We’ve compiled a list of essential queries to keep in mind when moving to a new place with kids.

What are the local school and childcare options?

If you’re a working parent, finding childcare for your child is a potential deal-breaker when deciding where to move. If your kids are school-aged, finding the right school to suit their needs is a time-consuming task, so get onto it early.


What are the entry requirements for the school or childcare?

Childcare centres and preschools often have waiting lists. If you’re able be flexible with your child’s attendance days, then you’re more likely to secure a spot. Schools may also have specific entry requirements, such as defined areas that determine which school you attend based on your address. Speak with the school’s administrative staff to ascertain if there are any other special requirements that need to be met for your child to attend.


How can I help prepare the kids for moving?

Children need warning when big changes are about to happen. Make the move fun and informative by creating a Pinterest board of your new home and neighbourhood. Visit the new area and go for a walk, play in a park or sit at your new local cafe. Give them a chance to soak it all in and slowly transition into the new area.


What community facilities are in the area?

Your new local Council should provide a range of services and facilities for you to enjoy. These include libraries, playgroups, performance halls, markets and festivals. Local businesses and industry also provide spaces such as shopping and activity centres.


Where are the closest parks and playgrounds?

Knowing where the local park is can ensure sanity for you and your kids on an otherwise dull day. There are a few ways to find the parks around you – trusty Google Maps is a great resource. Just look for the green patches located within urban areas and zoom in for the park’s name. You can also use Playground Finder where you simply enter your suburb and it will show you every park and playground in your area.


Which friends and family live in the area?

Having family and friends around is really important. Think about your close friends and family and how far they’ll be from your new home. This makes a big difference when it comes to your social life as well as family time.


How can my kids make new friends in the area?

Playgroups are an awesome way for your kids to make new friends. On top of that, they’re a great way for parents to meet new people. Ask your new local Council for a list of playgroups in the area.


What transport Options Are Available?

Your daily commute to work or to do the shopping needs to be amenable to your lifestyle. Before locking in the location of your new home, work out how long your trip will take on public transport or by car. You don’t want to be perpetually stuck in traffic for hours on end.


How do I find a good local doctor?

When it comes to choosing quality health care, one of the best filters is word of mouth. Ask your friends and family in the area who they use or who they’ve heard is good. The ABC also has a very useful consumer guide on how to carefully and critically choose a GP.

These questions are designed to help get you started and guide you in the right direction. Undoubtedly, you’re going to need more information and will have many more questions. Chat to your new neighbours, visit your new Council offices and schools – you’ll likely get heaps of valuable local knowledge and you’ll become one of them in no time.