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Almost half a million Western Australian adults plan to move in the next three years, according to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week.

The 2012 WA Housing Motivations and Intentions Survey collected information about current and future housing intentions of Western Australians, and the factors that influence housing decisions concerning the location and characteristics of the homes they choose to live in.

The survey found that in 2012, an estimated 491,000 adults living in Western Australia (WA) were future movers (27%), that is, adults who indicated that they plan to move in the next three years.

Many of those planning on moving were not new to the idea, with just under half (46%) having lived in their current dwelling for less than two years, while a further 24 per cent had only lived in their current dwelling for between two and five years.

ABS Director of WA State and Territory Statistical Services, David Waymouth, said many people wanted to continue to call WA home with 87 per cent of future movers indicating they planned to stay within WA. Of those, 47 per cent indicated they planned to move within the next 12 months.

Mr Waymouth said the survey also looked at what may influence people when choosing a future house.

“Home ownership is important. Just over half of all future movers within WA (52%) were renters and 65 per cent showed a preference to own their home rather than rent.”

When choosing an area, the survey found familiarity was a strong influence when choosing a future location for 42 per cent of respondents while being close to family or friends and access to facilities and services such as shops or schools mattered to 38 per cent.

“People’s priorities when moving home reflected their different stages of life,” said Mr Waymouth.

“People in senior households were more likely to choose a home that was smaller (34%) or on a smaller block (27%) than non-senior households,” Mr Waymouth added.

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