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So you’ve purchased a new house and arranged a reputable removals service, like Grace Removals, to help you move in and now it’s time to relax. Well, not quite.

Here is a list of things you really should do before moving into your new house.

1. Clean it thoroughly

While the previous owners or tenants will have cleaned the house, it’s unlikely that it will be spotless. Cleaning the skirting boards and windows are much easier when you aren’t trying to move furniture around. Run an empty load through the dishwasher, give the oven a good once over, wipe over ceiling fans and light fittings, and don’t forget the exhaust fans in the bathroom. If cleaning is the last thing you feel like doing while trying to move house, then let the experts help. Grace Removals can arrange a comprehensive home-cleaning service tailored to meet your individual requirements.

2. Plan where your furniture will go

The last thing you want to do is move your 8-seater dining table only to discover that it doesn’t fit into your new dining room. Take some time to ensure all your furniture will fit into your new house and consider where you will want to place it. Part of Grace’s relocation service is placing furniture where you want it so let us do all the heavy lifting rather than having to move lounges and beds around later.

3. Paint or wallpaper

It’s a lot quicker to paint or wallpaper a room when it’s empty – there’s no furniture to move, no pictures to take off the wall and no curtains to take down. It’s also a great way to start afresh.

4. Fix the floors

Just like painting, tackling the floors is best done in an empty house. Now’s the time to steam clean carpets, refinish hardwood floors and re-grout tiled areas. If you need to replace the flooring, arrange to have this done before you move in. Grace Removals provides protective floor coverings to ensure dirt isn’t walked through your new house.

5. Pest proof your house

If you have access to your new place a day or so before you move in, you could set off a bug bomb or have a pest controller come and spray. Even if you don’t see any bugs, it’s likely they’re there. Doing it before you move in is highly recommended to keep chemicals away from your family and pets.

6. Change the locks

Changing the locks is a must when moving into a new house because you never really know how many keys could be floating around. The previous owners may have given keys to relatives, neighbours or workmen and changing the locks will give you peace of mind. However, if you are renting, remember to talk to your landlord before changing any locks.

7. Install window treatments

Chances are it will be almost nightfall by the time you settle into your new home and the last thing you want to do is expose yourself or your belongings to your new neighbours. Tackle the essential rooms first, like the bedrooms. Of course, if haven’t even considered colour schemes or types of blinds, you can always tack up a sheet or two until you get around to installing proper window treatments.

8. Change the toilet seat

Make the bathroom your own with a new toilet seat. It’s easy to do and will give you a nice, fresh feeling.