Grace Removals Blog

Just because pets can’t tell you, doesn’t mean that moving isn’t a big deal for them. At Grace, we go beyond the basic pet relocation services. We’re committed to providing a stress free service for both you and your pet by working closely with Jetpets, our comprehensive pet transportation partner. Together, we offer a 24/7 pets in transit service, providing hire or purchase of airline approved pet travel crates, collection and delivery, pet travel vaccination advice and even a pre-travel veterinarian check-up depending on your location.


Pets Pre-move

Take the time to ensure your backyard is free of moving mess and that there are no hazards for your pet to pounce on. Give your fences the once over, keeping an eye out for any holes or tunnels. Pets can freak out when their environment changes and a house full of boxes could cause them to go walkabout. Take the time to find a great vet in your new neighbourhood, explore your suburb for pet-friendly parks and make sure your microchip is up to date.
Top tip: Pack a pet bag with all the essentials – beds, treats, leashes, water bowls, favourite toys, kitty litter boxes and vet records.


Moving Day

First and foremost, your pet’s safety is our top priority. Either speak to your local vet regarding hiring proper transport cages, or alternatively your Grace Removals Consultants can assist with shifting your family pets interstate or long distance. We will put you in touch with a dedicated Pet Travel Consultant at Jetpets to arrange the details of your pet’s relocation itinerary and safe transportation. Generally speaking, our barking buddies are more used to the car but the commotion of a move and a new environment means that you’ll need to take their favourite toys along for the ride. Our furry friends can also suffer from anxiety or motion sickness, so check in with your vet for some tips and tricks to help keep them calm. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your pet hydrated and fed- a full pet is a happy pet.
Top tip: In case your pet goes walkabout, make sure they’ve got an ID tag.


Pets Post-Move

From your pet’s point of view, your new home is a non-stop adventure of corners to explore and smells to sniff, so make sure it’s safe to investigate. Kitties may need more coaxing to ease into their new environment, so keep them indoors for a few nights before setting them free in the garden. It’s inevitable that pets will get up to mischief in their new digs so if they slip up, cut them some slack while they adjust.
Top tip: If you’re short on outdoor space or time, ask around at the local park for a recommended cat sitter or dog walker.