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At Grace, our focus is always on providing high quality service and the minimisation of damage during the relocation process.

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Moving, Transit and Storage Insurance

Did you know Grace enjoys one of the lowest moving insurance claim incident ratios in the industry?

We are justifiably proud of the service we provide. We keep this to a high standard through detailed relocation planning and actively managing the entire process.

Our removalists and professional packing teams take every precaution to ensure your home contents are securely packed and handled with care.

However, it pays to be aware that your belongings may be exposed to risks which fall outside our control. Just as you insure your belongings with home and content insurance, we recommend you consider storage and transit insurance. This will protect your belongings while being transported or held in storage.

Interstate and International Moving Insurance

When it comes to moving interstate and international relocation, your items may be handled by external agencies. These agencies include quarantine and customs services. Therefore, your belongings may be subjected to damage beyond our control. For security, we strongly advise that all customers take advantage of Grace’s transit and storage insurance coverage to safeguard your valuables.

Moving Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

As an active member of FIDI, and a founding member of AFRA,we aim to maintain our high standard of service. We provide you with all the necessary facts, so you can make an informed decision.

Here are some questions we’ve been asked by clients and corresponding answers to help you with your moving insurance.


Why insure my move?

As good as Grace is, you’re insuring against the risk of an unforeseen event occurring that can impact your belongings.


Do I need to insure everything?

We cannot give you specific advice on what to insure, all we would say is that you need to ensure all items are sufficiently protected. Also, keep in mind the insurance premium we have quoted will be based on all items being insured.


How much should I value my goods for?

We cannot give you specific advice on what value to insure your items for, but we can provide indicative average values for everyday household items. These can differ from your own goods, so you should check to see they are representative of your items being moved or stored.


How will I know what I’m covered for?

The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) summarises what the policy covers, the various cover options available to you and what it does not cover.


When I put my goods in storage, do I have to take out a separate insurance for that?

We are able to provide you with insurance to cover your goods whilst in storage with us. Please discuss all your requirements with your moving consultant.


What is the likelihood of my items being damaged during the move/storage?

Despite all efforts, there are eventualities which can occur outside of our control. Other operators may be involved in the moving process, including quarantine, customs, and other transport services including rail, shipping and airlines.


Is it recommended to take out insurance for the move?

While every care is taken to ensure goods get from their pick-up to their destination, accidents can occur, which is why we offer moving insurance. If you have not taken out an insurance policy with Grace, then you are not automatically covered.


I do want to take out insurance for the move, but do I have to take it out with you?

There is no mandatory requirement to take out our insurance. However, we have developed our policy to ensure that it is the very best available and is tailor made for our industry.


What insurance cover do you recommend I take out?

We have different insurance options dependant on your requirements, so we would suggest you start by making a list of all your articles, including significant pieces. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to miss things if you haven’t put them down on paper. Once you have your list of items, your moving consultant can discuss the coverage option best suited to you.


Will I have to pay an excess if I have a claim?

No, you won’t have to pay an excess with Grace.


Do I have to be at the uplift and delivery?

An authorised representative needs to be at both the uplift and delivery of your belongings. For delivery, it is especially important that this individual can advise the Grace crew on the placement of furniture and cartons in the new home.


Am I able to insure boxes if I pack them myself?

Grace is the only company that will still insure to the full value if a customer packed a box his/herself, no other provider will allow this. Please note that a complete valued inventory needs to be supplied.


Does my Home and Contents Insurance cover my goods during the move or while my items are in storage?

We cannot comment on the insurance provision provided by your Home Contents Insurer. It may or may not be sufficient. Our insurance is tailor made for the moving and storage industry, so we are able to offer a comprehensive policy.


Is your insurance competitive compared to your competitors?

We have benchmarked our premiums to ensure they are competitive within our industry. Here are some of our features.

  • No additional premium for household items over $5,000
  • Easy Cover insurance – no detailed valued inventory required
  • No additional charges for extensions
  • Computers valued at full replacement value
  • Clothing valued at full replacement value
  • Can insure jewellery
  • $0 Claim excess
  • Provides temporary accommodation warranty
  • Electronic items not treated as valuables
  • We do not charge an insurance policy charge
  • We are able to provide a full replacement value on Packed by Owner (PBO) items
  • We have 10-year limit before items are being declared to market value (our competitors only allow 7 years)
  • Valuables and/or antiques under $5,000 do not have to be declared
  • Claims on PBO cartons are not limited to $500 max value


Can you insure items older than 7 years?

A lot of our competitors charge extra for moving insurance for items older than 7 years. Grace insures items up to 10 years old.


Will my jewellery be insured?

Grace is one of the few removalists that offer insurance for jewellery.


Are there any hidden charges within your insurance premium?

Unlike many of our competitors, we prefer to give you an all-inclusive premium for the cover you have requested.


What happens if I need to increase my storage time, would this affect my insurance?

No, Grace can extend the period of insurance to accommodate unplanned storage. You simply need to continue paying the premium for the storage period.


What is the difference between your Ultimate Insurance and Standard cover?

The differences between our Ultimate Insurance and Standard Cover includes:

  • No requirement to complete a valued inventory as the insured amount is calculated on the volume of goods being moved
  • Provides mechanical derangement cover
  • Provides pairs and sets cover
  • Provides mould and mildew cover
  • Temporary accommodation covers for delays
  • Computers at full replacement
  • Clothing at full replacement


I was told that I could get “free insurance” with another removalist. Why don’t you also offer that?

Some removalists have a policy for ‘Restricted Perils’ i.e. fire, flood, collision, overturning of the vehicle. They mistakenly advise their potential clients that they, the clients, are automatically covered. As a result of this, some insurance companies are including a warranty in such policies stating that they, the insurer, will not respond if the removal company discloses the existence of the policy OR provides at no cost.


When transporting my items overseas, what insurance do you recommend I take out?

We have different moving insurance options dependant on your requirements, your consultant can discuss the coverage option best suited to you.


What items cannot be taken when moving overseas?

Customs regulations vary according to each destination, so it is important to check with your moving consultant as to the regulations of your new destination country. If there are any prohibited items amongst your goods, this may delay the clearance of your shipment and result in confiscation and heavy fines.


What happens if my items arrive late? Will I have to find accommodation myself? Or sleep on the floor?

Grace can cover temporary accommodation for up to 14 days depending on your choice of insurance policy and the reason for the delay.
Our commitment to our clients is what sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back.


Do you move pets as well?

Yes, Grace can relocate your pets whether it be to a new city or new country. We understand the importance of your pets wellbeing and can accommodate to their specific requirements. For further information, please refer to our Pet Relocation page.


What happens if you lose/break my computer or damage my clothes?

Grace is the only removalists that can cover computers and clothes at replacement value.


Do I have to insure everything? Or can I choose to insure a few select items?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your application on certain items only, as the protection is unfair against the insurer, who is providing coverage based on a wide spread of risks associated with household goods. Our premium is based on the spread of risk, so regretfully the premium will increase if only selective items are insured. Your moving consultant can discuss the coverage option and premium best suited to you.


What type of insurance cover do you offer?

At Grace, our insurance is able to cover transit and storage. Speak with one of our moving consultants to find out more.


Who to contact about your policy?

Simply fill out our Contact Us form or call us directly on1300 723 844 and speak to one of our representative.


Where do I start?

If you’re planning a move, ask one of our professional moving consultants about Grace EasyCover and our other moving insurance options available to protect your belongings during relocation.

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