Australia Summer Sunset

Moving house is a hard work, especially when you are trying to relocate during the middle of Australia’s hot summer.

Hot days, stormy nights and a host of other tropical conditions can wreak havoc on your moving day. Instead of waiting until the morning of your move to see what the weather will like, keep an eye on local news channels or the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for a rough idea on what to expect and start preparing early.

If it’s going to be a scorcher

  • Pace yourself
    It’s easy to underestimate how tiring carrying boxes and moving furniture can be. Heat stroke, sun stroke and heat exhaustion can quickly emerge. Pace yourself to avoid heat exhaustion. Take breaks and drink plenty of water.
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from burning 
    Don’t forget sunscreen wears off, so be sure to apply another coat once you have cooled yourself down with a splash under the hose or when sweating profusely.
  • Consider your removalists
    Yes, they are paid to do a job and are prepared for all sorts of weather conditions but that does not mean they are not affected by these conditions. If it is hot, make sure you have plenty of water to offer them, particularly if your water supply has already been turned off.
  • Look after the animals
    Keep animals indoors in an air-conditioned or well-cooled area until you are ready to leave.
  • Special care items
    Take extra care when moving items which are more sensitive to heat than the rest of your household belongings, especially if you are moving long distance. Electronics, candles and some toiletries, for example, should be transported in your air conditioned car rather than in the back of a sweltering moving truck.
  • Turn off the electricity
    Don’t forget it will be hot at the other end too. Make sure the electricity is turned on in the new home if you want to use the air conditioner.
  • Pack an emergency box
    Chances are after moving in the heat, you will want a shower to clean off and cool down. Pack a clean change of clothing, a towel and toiletries in an overnight so you can take a well-deserved refreshing shower, without first having to rummage through moving boxes.

Prepare for rain

While the days might be hot, Australia is prone to severe summer storms at night and some parts of Australia are currently in the wet season. If you are expecting rain, you may want to consider placing garbage bags inside your boxes to protect their contents, particularly for items that are prone to water damage such as books.

Have old towels handy to wipe the floors so it doesn’t get too slippery. Remember driving during heavy rainfall or hail is dangerous so be prepared that your removalist may have to wait until a storm passes.

And always keep some insect repellent handy to ward off any mosquitoes.