Moving works best when all parties know how to make the process as efficient as possible. When you move with Grace, you’ll experience first-hand just how streamlined the process can be when you’re working with the best in the business. Here are five ways to make moving more manageable.


1. Timing Is Everything

Be wary of the removalist that claims they can move you in half the time. In our experience, quicker is definitely not better when it comes to moving. Packing and loading your items properly ensures your goods make it to their destination safely. Care takes time, and if the job is rushed, any savings you make may end up costing you extra in damages.


2. Step Aside

While we appreciate that you may want to help, moving is something that is best left to the professionals. Loading a truck is more than a game of tetris; it requires skill and experience, and is something that our teams are trained to do. So when it comes to moving day, it’s best to step aside and let our experienced team do the heavy lifting.


3. Boxed In

If there’s one thing our removalists are sure of, it’s that not all boxes are created equal. If you’re using saggy, worn, damaged or old boxes, it can make it harder for us to get your goods into your new home in one piece. Save yourself the heartache and invest in quality boxes and packing materials – in most cases a good box will be the difference between make or break.


4. Rodeo Cowboys

A major misconception is that removalists are reckless, untrained hired labourers. With Grace, you can be assured we’re not using moonlighters. Our professional removalists are trained to handle every step of the moving process, from wrapping and packing to delivery and unloading.


5. Take Care

We’re the first to admit that moving can be stressful, but in our experience, the key to a successful move is remembering to take care of yourself. Moving day is the perfect time to get to know your new neighbourhood, so why not pop into your new ‘local’ and take a few minutes to relax and recharge. Our support team are here to help make your move more manageable.