Information Management in the legal industry

Compliance is a crucial part of every industry. From international quality standards to local privacy laws, Australian businesses must maintain strict adherence a range of different regulations. Good information management solutions not only help businesses stay compliant, but also allow them to prove their compliance to regulators quickly and easily.


Speed of information access is a principal consideration across every industry sector. The faster information can be accessed, the more fluidly an organisation can respond to changing situations. On-demand information access is a crucial customer service point of difference and increases the quality of communication with clients. At Grace, we understand how important fast data access is. That’s why we provide solutions that make entire archives available digitally, so files can be intuitively searched and retrieved more swiftly than physical delivery allows. Scan-on-demand solutions also help speed delivery of physical archives.


The online era has helped develop a new illicit marketplace for both digital and paper-based information due to the ease of duplication and dissemination. Many organisations keep their information safe due to the costs involved in a breach, but others, such as healthcare providers and government agencies, can lag behind due to complex decision-making processes, tight budgets, and a greater focus on core competencies. At Grace, we centralise data to increase safety and limit the amount of money spent on in-house security. In terms of cyber security, we provide an administrative console with airtight security configurations, function-level verification, and application-level safeguards that limit users to accessing only the functionality and data they are authorised to use.


Privacy of information has become vitally important across all industry sectors, especially for those dealing with large amounts of personal data. Grace centralise data under 24-hour surveillance, has confidentiality agreements for employees, and use systems that delete local digital content from viewing devices as soon as the file is closed. An organisation outsourcing its information management can use assurances like these as influential selling points to increase client confidence and stand out from rivals.


Some companies are under tremendous pressure to digitise their records management. Let Grace help assess how advantageous transitioning to digital will be for you, then set up a plan to implement a more appropriate information workflow — from an entirely digital solution to a hybrid of digital and paper. Existing paper archives can be rapidly scanned and made accessible digitally, with any un-scanned hard copies remaining available for on-demand scanning and rapid electronic delivery. Better indexation can also be integrated with the digitisation process, using OCR, ICR or manual data entry to capture identifying information in documents and build a comprehensive catalogue.


Information accessibility refers to how easily and equally information assets are available to all participants in a project. Accessibility is influenced by a range of co-factors, including speed and connectivity. In heavily paper-reliant companies, hard copies can cause delays in the dissemination of updated data. With the support of a Grace, accessibility concerns are alleviated. Multiple copies of the same hard copy documents can be delivered swiftly to different locations for more effective collaboration. Electronic files can also be directly requested from us in any format, eliminating the need for time-consuming conversions.


Interoperability refers to the compatibility of ICT systems (and the data they generate) across disparate work units. This is primarily a concern for government agencies aiming to fully digitise their information assets by 2020. Full, multi-agency digitisation raises a number of questions, including whether systems will be capable of communicating properly, whether indexing conventions will be universalised, and whether file formats will be unilaterally accessible. At Grace, we tailor solutions that mesh with existing ICT interfaces (minimising the need for staff retraining) while making the documents available in a wide variety of formats (eliminating the need for conversions).

Meet your compliance regulations with Grace Information Management. Our team of dedicated and experienced professions provide a tailored approach to your business’s information needs to ensure you meet and maintain compliance, no matter what industry you’re in.