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Google Maps and GPS may have revolutionised the way we travel, but it seems paper maps have not lost their appeal.

In fact, Melbourne newspaper, The Age, recently reported that the significance of antique maps appears to be increasing and the maps with the greatest value to collectors are those charting the development of the modern world.

For example, the latest catalogue by Louis Kissajukian, owner of Antique Print and Map Room in Sydney, includes Merian’s World Map With Terra Australis Incognito, first published in 1646. It shows the undiscovered Australia as a monumental land mass covering the lower section of the globe. The map is valued at $1950.

Similarly a 1700s map by Wells – Australia According to Tasman – with only the west and north coasts of Australia shown and with North America more fully shown, but with California as an island, is worth a staggering $2850.

As fewer maps are now produced, many maps from more modern times now have the potential to become more valuable in the future.

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