tax return

We all know the best thing about the end of financial year is the tax return we receive. Whether you spend that on something you’ve had your eye on for months, or you use it to fill out your wardrobe, spending your tax return helps make us feel that our hard work has paid off.

With homes around the country becoming more and more desperate for spare space, there’s a good chance you don’t have a spot for your new shopping to live. So, before you start packing the rafters with your tax return spending, it’s time to make some space.

Organise your wardrobe

Before you start spending your money on that pair of shoes you spotted last weekend, it’s a good idea to organise your wardrobe. While you’re doing this, consider whether or not you need to keep each and everything in there. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re probably not going to wear it again, so throw it out or donate it. Charities like St Vincent de Paul re-home your unwanted goods by selling them at their goodwill stores. The money these sales generates is then given back to the local community to help Australians in need.

Declutter the kitchen

One of the most cluttered rooms in our houses is the kitchen, with mismatched pots and pans taking up space in cupboards. Before you go out and treat yourself to the new wok you’ve dreamed about, clear the cupboards and drawers. Now’s the time to throw away that blender with the broken lid and the kettle that doesn’t work. Doing this will free up the space you need for that brand new coffee machine.

Do your spring clean in winter

Although spring is still a few months away, doing a spring clean is a great way to rid yourself and your home of things you no longer need, and make space for the new things you buy. It also gives you the chance to make even more money if you find things to sell. Selling your unwanted goods can be the difference between a new kettle and a new coffee machine.

Organise self storage

Need more space than a bit of cleaning will provide? Organise a self storage solution to keep all of your clutter away and in a secure space. Grace Self Storage provide mobile self storage solutions so you can pack your storage module as you please, lock it and let Grace pick it up and store it in one of our secure facilities. Don’t have time to pack it yourself? Grace will do that too! For more information on our secure and convenient self storage solutions, contact us today.