With property prices soaring, homeowners are looking at other ways to make way for growing families or changing tastes. Renovating can often provide extra space without the need to move and establish yourself in a new neighbourhood. If you’re on a tight budget, the option to rent elsewhere while you renovate may not be an option, so more people are choosing to stay put and live around it. Without a doubt, the question of ‘where and what to store’ always comes up. We’ve put together a few things to consider when you’re renovating.

1. Storage Savings

Many people think that self storage is expensive and unnecessary but when you think about the logistics of renovating around a fully furnished house, it starts to make a lot more sense. Let’s face it, renovation can render even the calmest contender, suitably stressed. There’s enough to worry about without having to fret about whether your couch is covered in dust, paint or concrete. Making room for your tradespeople to work unencumbered will help speed things up and save you from shuffling your furniture from room to room, so get smart and store right.  

2. Flexibly Convenient

The key to renovating is careful planning as well as picking the right people and suppliers for the job. Sometimes however, no matter how precisely we plan, things can go sideways. Grace mobile self storage solutions allow you to plan for the unpredictable and alleviate logistic nightmares by delivering the module to your door, picking it up when it’s packed and delivering it when you’re ready. On demand storage solutions mean you can make on demand decisions when things don’t go according to plan.  

3. Cleanly Secure

You’ll want your furniture to look as good coming out of storage, as it did going in. The key to keeping your furniture fresh is to pack right. Amidst the rubble of a renovation, things can get a little rushed, so take the time to make sure you’re not packing away dust and dirt. Give your wooden furniture a gentle wipe and dismantle what you can to save space. Before storing anything fabric, vacuum it to avoid attracting pests and mould.