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As a Proud Supplier of House Rules on Channel 7, Grace had the recent privilege of helping the contestants get their purchases from their shopping spree in Perth across to Geraldton.

The Grace professionals set a great example of the level of service our customers can expect and were on hand to help pick up all the items from various suppliers to the show, allowing the contestants to let their imagination run free as they set to the task of renovating Karina and Brian’s home in the beautiful surroundings of Geraldton, WA.

The coastal city of Geraldton is an area rich in history and is situated on the stunning Batavia Coast, 419 kilometres north of Perth. With winters averaging 20 degrees, the city makes an ideal place to visit in winter.

Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in Geraldton during this time of the year are wildflowers, which come into full bloom between July to October, providing the most spectacular views in and around greater Geraldton.

For all those who wish to visit the town during the wildflower season, it is recommended to start at the Geraldton Visitor Centre.  Here you can find out about the best lookouts, wildflower districts, activity brochures and even purchasing seedlings.

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Keep an eye out for the dedicated Grace Removals professionals who may make an appearance on the show every so often to help the teams with packing and storage of their personal belongings during the renovations.

For all your relocation needs including packing, storage, and insurance, contact Grace Removals Group on 1300 723 844.