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The obvious benefit is doing away with the mailroom and the tedious, time-consuming task, of sorting mail.


An external provider, such as Grace Records & Information Management (GIRM), can provide an end-to-end service using employees who have security clearances and have signed confidentiality agreements. Grace vehicles are used to do the collection and delivery of mail items, so everyone and everything is under the control of GIRM. This gives peace of mind to the client.


Using a specialist provider for mailroom services means regular, on time delivery of mail, if you decide to still have all your mail in hard copy. An in-house mailroom could experience delays due to staff issues or other internal problems but your external provider is contracted to meet specific times and that is their job.


All mail is sorted and processed before delivery. GIRM offers the following:

  •         Scanning
  •         Hard copy dispatch
  •         Hard copy storage
  •         Return to sender
  •         Secure destruction

No Junk Mail

One of the tasks which can be done when outsourcing your mailroom is to have all junk mail removed and disposed of appropriately, not having to deal with it in-house. Plus, with less paper to deal with its environmentally smart.


A smart alternative is to have mail digitised and then delivered online. The digitisation is done according to your requirements and includes what formats to use, how it is delivered i.e. SFTP, VPN, on an encrypted disc etc., and who to send it to. This, of course, can eliminate paper significantly, only retaining communications which absolutely need to be kept in hard copy. The hard copy can be stored offsite until required and disposed of when legally appropriate.

Immediate Delivery

Digitising mail as soon as it is received also means immediate delivery to a designated person or persons, without delays in the mailroom. Being in a digital format provides many options in dealing with it, including sharing it and editing a copy.


Correct retention must always be considered when outsourcing mailroom services because your organisation will always have the responsibility to ensure documents are retained according to the relevant legislation. Your outsourcing partner may actually administer the retention and disposal, but it is not their ultimate responsibility. This is an issue which must be clearly documented and as the client, you must receive comprehensive reports regarding document disposal. GIRM will provide a Certificate of Destruction if it is requested.

Outsourcing mailroom activity, when considered from all angles, may offer you better efficiency, timeliness and the best use of staff time.