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In offices all around the country, thousands of letters and parcels are delivered to central mailrooms where they are then sorted, distributed and filed. However, this time consuming process may soon be a thing of the past as more and more companies awaken to benefits of digital mailrooms.

Grace Information Management is one of a handful of companies in Australia that provides a digital mailroom service for businesses. Mail belonging to clients arrives directly to the Grace office where each envelope is opened and prepared following client’s instructions. The mail is then scanned and all images and data files are saved to a folder for the client to download. With invoices, data can be extracted for the client to load into their system for processing.

In essence, digital mailrooms mean no more filing cabinets, no more office couriers wheeling wagons of mail around, no more searching for lost paperwork.

In a recent study by AIIM, the peak organisation for information professionals, 40 per cent of members surveyed said they process more than 1,000 items of mail each day and 13 per cent handle more than 10,000 items. AIIM firmly believes that digital mailrooms are one of the first steps towards a company going paperless and should be adopted more widely.

The benefits of going digital are numerous. One of the primary benefits is the reduction in operational costs. Outsourcing this time consuming task allows a redirection of company resources and enables staff to focus on revenue generating tasks.

Digital mailrooms also mean documents can be stored and traced more easily, which is particularly beneficial when meeting legal obligations for records management. In fact, 60 per cent of those surveyed by AIIM said mail traceability and compliance had improved since the introduction of digital mailrooms.

The availability of the document in electronic format also enables all incoming mail to be correctly stored in the company’s content management system. This enables more flexibility for remote or teleworking staff as well as guaranteeing the preservation of important company information.

However, it is not just companies that benefit from digital mailrooms. Where it used to take days to physically distribute and receive mail in an organisation, now the same is available in a matter of hours or minutes. Customer transactions, requests, and inquiries can be dealt with more quickly than ever before, which greatly improves customer service and satisfaction.

Despite the benefits of digital mailrooms, the trend is slow to take off. According to AIIM, just 10 per cent of organisations have digital mailrooms and only half of these outsource the process.

If you’re serious about going paperless, then a digital mailroom through Grace Information Management is the answer. Talk to us today about how we can help you take up this exciting innovation.a