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Digitising your information & record management

At Grace Mackay Information Management, we specialise in helping businesses and organisations transition from paper-based to digital records management. Our digital services are designed to help you move into the digital information age where data is everything.

Our trained specialists make it a priority to tailor a solution to your information and record needs, designing a solution to securely manage and store your company’s valuable records and data. We understand that business doesn’t always run on a set schedule, which is why we digitise your documents on demand with the latest technology and the highest level of security.

Your data and records are protected throughout the entire digital conversion process with our secure data centre and back up and redundancy systems to maintain data integrity.

Secure archive storage

Our Mackay ultra-secure repository is designed for storing and managing electronic data and images as well as physical records. We help you maintain good information management practices with secure access to data and information on demand, from a number of different devices, anywhere in the world.

Grace Mackay Information Management data storage services include:

  • Web hosted storage
  • Digital data storage
  • Image Silo

Document storage is also protected by the highest quality standards in our Mackay facility. Fully maintained fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire doors and VESDA help to secure and protect your files and documents off-site, saving you valuable floor space.

Prioritising privacy

Privacy is vitally important in information management. At Grace, we treat the storage, access, digitisation, auditing and archiving of your information as a sensitive area. We maintain security throughout the entire process, from the point of collection, through transportation in our tracked fleet of company-owned vehicles, to storage in our highly secure Mackay facility. That’s why you can trust us to ensure your information is kept confidential at all times.

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