Moving with Pets to Sydney

Sydney is a very pet-friendly city, with many dog-friendly parks and beaches to enjoy with your four-legged friend. With homes and apartments providing adequate space for pets and more rentals becoming pet-friendly, finding a home to live in with your pets doesn’t have to be difficult.

Finding a pet-friendly home

Finding a pet friendly home to buy is much easier than finding those to rent in Sydney as many realtors prefer not to openly advertise their apartments for lease as pet-friendly. The best place to start your research is online at property listing websites where you can filter search results by location, price range, suburb, size and features; such as pets allowed.

Pet-friendly Sydney houses for sale:

Pet-friendly Sydney rentals here:

Quarantine matters

Pets must meet strict Australian import conditions before being brought into the country from overseas. These strict quarantine conditions are designed to manage biosecurity risks that could affect other animals and native plant life.

Moving to Sydney with your pet from overseas requires a lot of preparation. These pre-export preparations can also be timely. It can take up to 20 business days for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to process an import permit from the date of submission. Generally, it’s recommended that pet owners start preparations six to twelve months prior to moving. Use the Australian Government’s cat and dog calculator to determine when you should start preparing your pet for export to Australia.

Before submitting your import documents, you must also consider the following:

  • All animals must be microchipped as Australian authorities recognise this as the only approved identification method for cats and dogs
  • Research the different categories of approved countries to find out the process of application for your pets. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provide step by step guides to importing animals from any of the approved countries into Australia
  • Gather your important documentation from your veterinarian and consider the vaccinations and medications that may be required prior to importation
  • The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources encourages the use of pet transportation agents as this can simplify the import process and make it more effective

Upon arrival, all cats and dogs imported into Australia must land in Melbourne International Airport where they will be transferred to the quarantine facility to complete their mandatory ten-day quarantine period.

For more information on how to handle international pet quarantine in Australia, read our blog.

Moving with Pets to Sydney

Take the time to ensue your home is pet-proofed. Fences should be closed and there should be no tunnels or holes where your pet might be able to escape through. Also take the time to find a veterinarian in your new neighbourhood and explore the area before introducing them to their new environment.


It is important to discuss the transit journey for your pet with your veterinarian and airline to ensure the safest trip for them. Before you leave home with your pet, make sure you’ve done the following:

  1. Collected all relevant and accurate information and documentation for your pet regarding vaccinations, medications and quarantine
  2. Set up a pet plan or itinerary for the entire move so you know where your pet is at every stage of the process
  3. Consider your transport options for once your pet has landed and cleared quarantine

For more information on moving with your pets overseas, read our tips.


Travelling via car is sometimes the best transportation option available as it means your pet gets to come along for the ride. Cats and dogs have very different reactions to being on the road to us. But before you load your pets into the car, there are a few things you need to do to make the trip more comfortable for them:

  • Lead, collar and ID tags
    Your dog or cat is going to be unfamiliar with their new surroundings and in the case of them running away, they’re going to need to be identifiable.
  • Food and water
    A sufficient supply of food and water will keep your pet healthy and happy. Bring bowls to serve water and food and keep their dietary schedule the same as to avoid confusion and an upset stomach.
  • Restraints
    Under Australian law, pets travelling in cars need to be properly restrained. Drivers in Australia can be fined and issued demerit points if their dog is in their lap, is causing loss of control of the vehicle, or if they are travelling with a dog unrestrained in the back of a ute. Whether you’re placing your pet in a crate or you’re restraining your dog with a harness, the appropriate equipment is essential for a safe car trip for your pet. In the case of using a crate, ensure your pet has enough room to sit, stand and turn around comfortably.
  • Towels and blankets
    Accidents can happen on the road so it’s best to come prepared with towels and blankets. These also provides a soft padding for your pet to sit on and protects the interior of your vehicle from fur.
  • Regular breaks
    If you’re planning on taking a long road trip, it’s important to take regular breaks to let your pet stretch their legs, hydrate and use the restroom.

For more information on moving with pets in the car, read our top tips.

Parks and beaches

Search for your nearest dog-friendly park or beach in Sydney at The website will list the park, display a map of its location and provide other relevant information, including useful links and comments from people who have been to the park. Alternatively, visit your local council’s website for a list of parks and playgrounds in the area.

Cafes and restaurants

Grab a bite to eat with your furry friend at one of Sydney’s many pet-friendly cafes and restaurants. You can find your closest dog-friendly café at

Boarding and kennels

Sydney has a number of cat and dog boarding facilities. Their price depends on date availability and the level of services provided. An alternative to boarding and kennel facilities is to find a reliable pet sitter. Search for pet home boarding, day care, walking, home visit and house sitting services in Sydney at  Pawshake. Here you’ll be able to choose from a range of pet service providers who have been rated by past users.


Sydney and its surrounds in the mountains and on the north and south coasts also offers pet-friendly accommodation for holiday seekers and their furry friends. Search for pet-friendly accommodation on Stayz or Airbnb.

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